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Place your home in the hands of our quailified professionals. E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC. specializes in handling restoration contracts as well as working with you & your insurance company to best serve you.



Contact E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC!

Call 706-364-4083 to schedule your FREE inspection and damage assessment.


Contact your insurance company to file a claim

Inform your insurance company of the date of loss.
Inform the insurance company that your property has been examined by a qualified
contractor who found storm damage.
Ask for a claim # and provide to your E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC.'s project manager.


Your Project Manager meets with the Adjuster

An appointment will be agreed upon with you. On this date the adjuster assesses the situation. 


Follow up with your insurance company

The Insurance company sends you a loss summary report detailing the scope of damage
& what they are willing to pay to address the damage.
After reciept, confirm that your insurance company has sent you the loss payment.


Project Planning

Your E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC. project manager reviews the loss summary report
to assure the agreed upon scope of damage is complete and accurate.
You select materials and color. 
You and your E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC. project manager determine a construction
date that best suits your schedule.
E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC. schedules all work to be completed in a timely and
professional manner.


Work in Progress

Materials are delivered to your home and the job is completed.
Your E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC. project manager oversees the entire process.


Payment & Warranty Information

E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC. collects 50% of payment before delivery of materials &
collects the balance upon completion of project and notifies the insurance company to

release any remaining funds.
If necessary, E-Z Roofing & Construction, LLC. coordinates  with your mortgage company
about checks that require endorsements.
You are responsible only for your deductible and any agreed upon upgrades. 
You recieve all necessary documentation upon completion of work and receipt of payment in

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