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Tips for Hiring the Right Roofing Company

Updated: Mar 6

Welcome to the World of Roofing, made EZ!

Hi I'm Katie, the office manager at E-Z Roofing & Construction! This is my first time blogging, and I'm just going to jump in feet first, to give our readers and followers valuable insight into the world of roofing and proper roofing practices.

We are Proud Owens Corning Preferred contractors, specializing in shingle roofing, as well as Gulf Coast Supply contractors specializing in metal roofing like standing seam!


Have you ever heard the phrase: "Good roofing isn't cheap and cheap roofing isn't good"? Trust me, it is WORTH it to invest in quality! A roof is your home's #1 defense against the elements and should ideally hold up for the long run.

At E-Z Roofing, we often get calls from homeowners who had their roofs replaced 5-10 years ago, because they're already having roof issues. Most of the time, those issues stem from poor roofing practices, like not removing the felt, re-using old flashings, or not using correct pressure in the roofing nail guns, causing the nails to blow right through the shingle. Ultimately these small concessions to quality cause leaks - Oftentimes, leaking for years before it's even noticed.


Aside from PROPER workman's compensation and general liability insurance, your chosen roofing company should be certified with a reputable manufacturer, like Owens Corning or IKO, as well as maintain stringent quality control measures. Quality control should be performed throughout the roof replacement process, including before, during & after photos. I know at E-Z Roofing, we employ actual W2 employees that perform much of the work themselves, like replacing flashings, siding & hardie board, as well as supervise the process.

MOST IMPORTANTLY does your roofing contractor have a good reputation in the community?

Do not hesitate to read their reviews and you MUST check out their BBB profile! Do they have a lot of complaints, or many complaints that are similar in nature? Same goes for positive reviews and the compliments being given! This can be very telling in knowing what kind of company you are hiring.

Thanks for reading and sharing this time with me! I look forward to your feedback or hearing about your good & bad roofing stories!

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Feb 03

Thanks for the good tips on how to choose the right roofing contractor , this will come in handy!!

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