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"And The Thunder Rolls!"

How does storm damage affect your roof?

Weather is the number one cause of roof damage. It is important to understand how weather affects your roof, so you can better prevent damage or select qualified roofers to fix it.

Weather vs. Your Roof:

WATER: Your attic is typically the first place leaking water will go. As it stagnates in your attic and ceiling, it will likely seep through the wood causing rot, discoloration, humidity, and stank! When your wood is rotted, it decreases structural integrity and deteriorates your drywall. When left unnoticed for a long time, mold can grow, which may cause long term health issues.

A noticeable water leak or water stains in your home indicates an entry point for water, or a possible hole in your roof. Aside from rotted wood and drywall damage, roof leaks can also damage the insulation in your attic, leading to potential pest infestations and affecting temperature control & utility costs.

DID YOU KNOW? Water and electricity don't exactly like each other... So if a leak messes around with your electrical work (like fans and lights) it can cause power outages, and even dangerous fire hazards!

WIND: As wind blows over your roof, it creates a suction effect from pressure changes that can lift the shingles on that side of the roof up, creating disintegrity. Not only that, but it often blows shingles off, allowing water to seep in... And we all know what water does to your roof!!

Wind can cause a buildup of foliage, which can dam up the gutters, causing damage to your fascia and soffit. It also blows other materials, like large branches onto the roof, causing collision damage and sometimes big, gaping holes!

HAIL: Because hail is made of ice, its impact can loosen the granules on shingles, affecting its integrity, and creating a crack or "bruise" that is susceptible to water intrusion. The larger the hail ball size, the more destructive.

QUICK TIP: If you experience a wind or hail storm, be sure to document it with photos or videos! This can be helpful if you have to file an insurance claim.

How to Prevent Storm Damage:

REGULAR ROOF INSPECTIONS: It's important to get regular roof inspections so as to notice when there is something wrong that requires repair. If you notice any missing shingles, it is paramount to promptly replace them, as missing shingles can induce leaks.

REGULAR ROOF MAINTENANCE: It is critical to regularly inspect and caulk roof components (like pipe-boots and flashings) as they are common leak-points that deteriorate due to storms and age. Also, trim low-hanging (or too-close-for-comfort) branches, so that strong winds do not blow them onto your roof. Don't forget to blow off the roof regularly! This helps decrease debris build-up.

GUTTER CLEANING & PROTECTION: Regular cleaning of your gutters, or installing gutter guards will also reduce build-up of leaves and debris, and lessen the potential for leaks. Products like Gutter Helmet® are beneficial for keeping gutters clean of debris, and eliminating the need for dangerous tasks like cleaning gutters, all while boasting a Triple Lifetime Warranty and beautifying your home's exterior!

Read more about Gutter Helmet® HERE:

What To Do If You Have Storm Damage:

Don't fret! Contact a trustworthy and highly rated local roofer to: inspect your roof, determine if you have storm damage, decide what should be done to fix said damage, and plan what needs to be done to prevent further damage. Joining a roof maintenance program is also a wise idea!

Check out our blog "Gone with the wind: What to do if your roof is damaged by storms" for additional in-depth information!

Ask your local experts at E-Z Roofing for a professional roof inspection, to determine if your roof sustained storm damage.

Storms may be unpredictable, but your roof's protection doesn’t have to be. By understanding how water, wind, and hail can impact your roof and taking preventative measures, you can safeguard your home and your wallet from extensive damage. Regular inspections, maintenance, and prompt repairs are key to keeping your roof in top shape, come rain or shine. Remember, a well-maintained roof is your home's first line of defense against the elements. So, keep an eye on the sky, and your roof will continue to shelter you through every storm.

Stay vigilant, stay dry, and let’s weather the storms together!

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